A Scouting district is a geographical area of the BSA Local Council, determined by the council executive board. District leaders mobilize resources to ensure the growth and success of Scouting units within the district’s territory.

The BSA Local Council guides and supports its districts for the achievement of the movement’s purpose. Councils establish local policies and programs, while districts are charged with carrying out these policies and programs in their respective territories.

Each district is lead by a group of community leaders that are recruited to serve in volunteer leadership roles known as the district committee. Each district will have a District Chairman, District Commissioner, and District Professional (Council Staff Member) that make up what is known as the District Key 3. The Key 3 works together to organize the district committee to accomplish the goals and purpose of the district.

The ultimate duty or purpose of the district is to work through chartered organizations and community groups to organize and support successful Cub Scout Packs, Scouts BSA Troops, Venture Crews, and Explorer Posts. The end result of effective district support is more and more youth members receiving a well-organized and ever improving program.