Quapaw Area Council & Westark Area Council Merger Information

Quapaw Area Council & Westark Area Council Scouting Family,

The Scouting program has been an integral part of the State of Arkansas since the organization’s founding in 1910. Scouting today thrives throughout the region through units served by both the Quapaw Area Council and the Westark Area Council.

For generations our two neighboring councils have partnered together on a variety of different activities and events. As a result of this close connection and the desire to grow, sustain, and enhance the Scouting experiences offered to the youth of Arkansas, the councils have formally begun merger discussions with an anticipated consolidation date in the fourth quarter of 2023. It is the belief of both Council Executive Boards that Scouting in Arkansas will be stronger, will be more vibrant, and will simply be, BetterTogether.

By combining the great strengths of each council into one unified organization our Scouts and leaders will benefit with combined and deeper volunteer support, streamlined administrative functions, increased professional staffing levels, efficient business management, and higher quality programming and facilities for our Scouting families. This effort would allow Scouting to be in the best position to flourish in the years to come. For questions or for more information, visit the Q&A listed under resources below.

Together, we are committed to providing world-class Scouting experiences for our members during this transition and beyond. We are excited about the future of Scouting in the Natural State and will provide you with additional updates on the merger process as it develops.

Thank you for all you do for Scouting and the amazing young people we serve.

Yours in Scouting,

Tim Cullen                                      Sue Bender                                   Shanna Richardson

Council President                    Council Commissioner              Scout Executive/CEO

Quapaw Area Council             Quapaw Area Council               Quapaw Area Council


William “Jack” Butt, II                    Jim Graham                                    Don Walker                                      

Council President                            Council Commissioner            Vice President of Administration

Westark Area Council                    Westark Area Council             Westark Area Council



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Letter about Merger between Quapaw & Westark Rev. 8/22/2023 Download
Merger Update: Camp Orr & GBSR Download
Q&A: Quapaw & Westark Merger Rev. 8/22/2023 Download