Natural State Council

The Boy Scouts of America, founded in 1910, began serving the Natural State of Arkansas in 1913, when the Little Rock Council was chartered by the National Boy Scout Council. Two years later, the Little Rock Council was reorganized into the Pulaski County Council. By1927, the Pulaski County Council had grown and was rebranded to the present day Quapaw Area Council and became a staple in youth development in Central Arkansas. In 1934, the Scout Council in Jefferson County was split between the Quapaw Area Council and the DeSoto Area Council, which has a council office in El   Dorado (Union County). In May 2001, after years of struggling, it was decided that the Eastern Arkansas Area Council was no longer able to continue service. On October 8, 2001, the board of Quapaw Area Council voted to accept the merger proposal of the former East Arkansas Area Council. This merger enlarged the Council from seventeen counties to thirty-three counties. In 2011 the Ouachita Area Council in west central Arkansas, proposed that it merge into the Quapaw Area Council. On October 26, 2011, Quapaw’s executive board approved the request . This merger enlarged the Council from thirty-three counties to its current size of thirty-nine counties.'

The Westark Area Council was originally organized July 1920.  The territory at that time included only the city of Fort Smith and the name of the council was “Fort Smith Council.”

Early in 1922, the Council territory was extended to include the city of Van Buren.  The Council then became known as the “Fort Smith-Van Buren Council.”

The territory remained unchanged for 5 years until the Council re-registered in January 1927.  At that time, the council was extended to include all of Crawford and Sebastian Counties, together with that portion of Franklin County south of the Arkansas River.  The council’s name remained unchanged.

In December 1928, the council took over 13 additional counties which included the counties of Polk, Pope and Scott counties and the 10 counties which had previously constituted the “Ozark Council” in the northwest part of the state of Arkansas.  (The counties were as follows:  Benton, Washington, Carroll, Boone, Madison, Newton, Franklin (North half), Johnson, Logan, and Yell).

The council was re-registered in 1929 under the name of the “Northwest Arkansas Council”.  This was changed at re-registration time in 1930 to the “Fort Smith Area Council”.  Since the time of the council’s re-registration in 1937, the Council has been known as the “Westark Area Council” until 1947. On June 23, 1947, the council was incorporated in the state of Arkansas and from that date to present has been known as the “Westark Area Council, Inc., Boy Scouts of America”.

The Quapaw Area Council merged with Westark Area Council, forming the Natural State Council on December 1st, 2023.


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