Crowley's Ridge District

Welcome to Crowley's Ridge!

Who are we?

Crowley’s Ridge is an unusual geological formation that rises above the Alluvial Plain of the Mississippi Embayment (Mississippi Alluvial Plain, or Delta). The ridge contrasts sharply with the surrounding flat table land of the Delta. In terms of formation, the ridge is generally thought to have once been an island between the Mississippi River and the Ohio River. It became a long and narrow hilly ridge after the rivers changed course millions of years ago. Prior to the change in course, the Mississippi River flowed along the west side of what is now Crowley’s Ridge, with the Ohio River meandering along the east side. The work of these major rivers and their subsequent shifting in course resulted in the formation of an erosional remnant that is now Crowley’s Ridge.

We are made up of eleven counties that follow this geological formation and the Mississippi River delta. They are Randolph, Lawrence, Clay, Greene, Craighead, Poinsett, Mississippi, Woodruff, Cross, St. Francis, and Crittenden Counties.

The district has the notable communities of Jonesboro, Paragould, Blytheville, McCrory, Forrest City, Pocahontas, Wynne, Osceola, Forrest City, Harrisburg, and many others.

Getting Involved

We depend on volunteers to present our program. There are a number of ways to get involved and we can discuss these with you. Our primary way is through District Committee and Commissioner Corps.

District Committee

Once a month, a group of individuals that are made up of Scouters, community leaders, business leaders, and involved parents gather to discuss and plan on a district level. This includes events, activities, fundraising, recruiting, and training.

Where our Units and School Districts are